February 12, 2012

What a difference a year makes...

This past week nine more candidates arrived at ReachGlobal’s headquarters in Minneapolis to participate for one week in the “Readiness Event” – think psychological tests, interviews, more tests, re-enactment of a hostage situation, and loads of information.  Last year at this time, we participated in the REV along with this group of amazing people.

It was an exhausting, yet exhilarating, week.  We found out on February 10th (Steve’s birthday) the amazing news that we were accepted as long-term missionaries to Lyon, France!  One couple is heading to Czech Republic, another couple is heading to Costa Rica, one is working at RG headquarters with TouchGlobal, and three of them are now in Dar participating in a  two-year training program with TIMO.
Here are some highlights of this past year:
  • Shared our story with our small church (Sunday School class) at NMC
  • Weekend support team building training in Indianapolis in March
  • Stretched and grew through a 15-week course called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • In April our entire family enjoyed 10 days in France visiting the Lyon City Team and experiencing what it will be like to live in France
  • Spent time developing informative materials, like newsletters, blog, letters, and so much more
  • Felt overwhelmed with the shear amounts of things to do to on a daily basis
  • Watched our first child graduate from high school and then head to Thailand for a month
  • Spent many evenings sharing our story with friends in our home, their homes as well as at restaurants
  • Learned (and continue to learn) that God’s timing and ways are so much better than ours
  • Experienced another first – our first child to finish 10 years in 4-H
  • Completed a five-week online course offered by ReachGlobal called Intentional Living
  • Walking through times of cleansing and refinement
  • Participated in more training at ReachGlobal for developing ministry partners
  • Enjoyed Christmas and New Year with family and friends, here in Indiana and in California
  • Had a meltdown and searched for God’s confirmation that we are on the right road – and we received it in an amazing way… His word to us – Don’t Quit!
  • Shared our story for a missions emphasis weekend with a wonderful church in Morenci, Michigan
God continues to walk with us, stretch us, teach us, and show us His grace.  Thanks for walking through this past year with us, and for your continued prayers for us.  As we head into this next year and continue sharing our story with others, we pray that God will bring together just the right team of ministry partners and prepare us for ministry in France.

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