March 4, 2011

Why France?

As we began considering ReachGlobal, we contacted our long-time friend Mike, who is the Area Leader for ReachGlobal Europe.  With a great Skype conversation, we mentioned that we thought it may be good to consider serving in an English-speaking country since we doubted our language learning skills and our kids are teens.  He, in turn, shared about various city teams throughout Western Europe that may fit well with our gifts & strengths so we could consider various locations of ministry.  The first city he mentioned was Lyon, France because of their English-speaking church, International Christian Community of Lyon, and the need for a worship pastor within the next year. 

As Mike shared about a number of cities and their ministries, our hearts were still intrigued with Lyon.  We had never thought of France, but now we were interested in learning more.  With his help, we connected with another Mike, the Lyon City Team Leader, via Skype.  What a great time of sharing we had with Mike!  The Lyon City Team's vision for ministry was so exciting and we could see specific areas where we could "fit"!

Over the months, we have continued learning more about Lyon, French culture and the post-Christian atheism and materialism.  Yet, this emptiness has created a spiritual hunger that has grown rapidly in recent years.  We were reminded at a dinner with David, another ReachGlobal Area Leader through a vision that he had that the church in Europe is not dead; she is just sleeping.  It is exciting to consider serving in France and be able to witness first hand God's touch as He wakes up the church!

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