October 12, 2011

Mythology or Reality?

"Impossible," uttered the university student petulantly. He had just been challenged with the idea that Jesus rose from the dead. But for him, this was a mere mythology to be dismissed like any other.

The latest news from Lyon is an update from a recent event that was held in the city.  As one of the missionaries writes, "The goal of this event was to introduce people to the New Testament as a historically reliable account of the life of Jesus."  Over 50 people attended, some of which still don't have a personal relationship with Jesus.  A guest speaker gave a presentation followed by a time of Q&A.  Great conversations were held afterwards with those in attendance.

Pray for future events like this one.  The next one, scheduled in early December, will focus on science and the existence of God.  A professor from Paris with a PhD in Philosophy of Science will present a case for the existence of God at this event.  Please begin praying now for those who will be in attendance, that God will soften their hearts and open their minds to Him!

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