September 30, 2011

Great Blog Post: Deep Influence and Deep Pain are Intimately Connected

Suffering... who wants it?  In my quiet time this morning, I finished up Jeremiah and read the preface (in The Message) to the next book, Lamentations.  It basically told me that Lamentations is all about suffering.  My first thought was to skip this book and find a happy, uplifting book in the Bible to focus on next.  Then I came across T.J. Addington's blog post from this past Wednesday and was reminded so well that Jesus went before us and will be in the suffering with us.  We don't ask for suffering, but we may ask to become more like God, or that He would give us a heart like His.  The reality is that only when we are going through suffering do we learn and trust and become more like God - more compassionate, more loving, more prepared to serve Him.

Read it... you'll be encouraged!

Deep Influence and Deep Pain are Intimately Connected

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