September 5, 2011

Great Blog Post: Straight Talk About Results in Missions

Are we willing to plant or water, knowing the harvest may not happen until years later?  We cannot control when "harvest" comes... only God controls the "harvest" through His power and in His time. 

Here's an excerpt from TJ Addington's post:

"God intends to bring an amazing harvest in His time, in His way and through His power. We are asked to simply live in His power, see through His eyes and live in faith filled expectancy. Harvest will come but we do not control the timing. The question is whether we will partner with God not only in harvest but in sowing and watering. Those who focus only on the harvest have settled for expediency. Those who focus on all three focus on a Biblical view of global missions."

Read the full post:  Straight Talk About Results in Missions

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