September 2, 2011

Catching up with the ICCL

The International Christian Community of Lyon (ICCL) is a group of worshipers from various countries and cultures around the world who now live in Lyon.  This community welcomes all walks of life no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.  It is this church plant that we will be ministering through worship ministry.

After having a few weeks off during July, the ICCL enjoyed a casual gathering at Parc de la TĂȘte d’Or at the end of July.  The ICCL family at Parc de la TĂȘte d’Or

Then to end the summer and kick off the new season for ICCL, they enjoyed a BBQ on the church grounds at the end of August.  The ICCL Kick-Off BBQ Pics

Even with the little time we've spent with this great group of people, we long to be back with them and to begin ministry with the ICCL.  Continue to pray that God will work all things out in His time.

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