April 6, 2012

KnockKnock...who's there?

In order to protect the identity of the guilty bird, this is merely a stock photo.
No actual Angry Birds were harmed or shot in the writing of this blog,
although Easton did make mention of an airsoft gun.  Come to think of it,
I haven't heard the bird since he left for Atlanta.  Hmmmm.
For the past week, we've had the pleasure of hearing a cardinal tap on three different windows of our house.

over... and... over... and... over... and... over.

He goes to one window.  tap.tap.  Then another.  tap.tap.  Maybe he's lonely. Maybe he's enamored with the red wall in our dining room and thinks that there's a whole flock of his own kind waiting for him to play on the other side of the glass.

Maybe he's just not at the top of the class in bird school.  I'm not sure what my fine feathery friend's deal is, but I do know that every time I hear him hit our window (and let's just say that it's been happening a lot), it makes me think that I'm supposed to do something.

I guess what I have figured out is that this bird is persistent.  He doesn't seem to get discouraged about trying to get through to the other side. I kind of like that.  Me?  A couple of taps, and I figure nobody's there.  If nothing else, it's reminded me this week that I need to be persistent too--tapping on Heaven's door with my concerns, requests and praises.  Thanks, God, for the angry bird tapping on my window.

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