March 21, 2012

Dahlgren History 101 :: Part 2

Enjoy the continuation of our family history lesson...

The family singing through the years -- Easter, Christmas, Children's musicals, and community events

Through the past 20 years of our marriage, God has continued to teach us skills and carry us through experiences and trials that lead us to today.
  • Worship & Music Outreach—Steve has been graciously gifted by God to “set the table” for worshipers to feast on.  As a worship leader, couple & family, we have used our gifts in music and love for God in many outreach and community events.
  • Hospitality—In the various churches, Steve & Chris have had many opportunities to develop gifts of hospitality, serving and event-planning.
  • Computer Skills—Both Steve & Chris have acquired a great knack for using many computer applications, as well as bookkeeping, graphic design, publication/marketing and social media.
  • Administration—Beyond the many years as an Executive Assistant and Software Trainer, Chris also recently completed her bachelor’s in Organizational Leadership.
  • Bakery—For a short time, Steve had the privilege of sharing his culinary skills through his bakery in Wakarusa.
  • Human Trafficing Ministry—For the past 3+ years, the youth group at Nappanee Missionary Church has focused a great deal on the human trafficking issue around the world.  Our kids have developed an amazing passion to help those caught in this bondage.
The most amazing part of all is how God has been working in and through the Lyon City Team for the past 5+ years and brought our skills together with their needs!

As we skyped for the first time with Mike DiGena, the Lyon City Team Leader, he shared with us some of their vision for the future work in Lyon where they currently have “holes” to fill—
  1. Need a worship leader for the English-speaking church plant.
  2. Need someone who can help with computer & website projects.
  3. Want to start a ministry center, but need someone to help manage/run it.
  4. Need someone to help with coordinating visitors and short-term missions teams that come to Lyon—hospitality & coordination.
  5. A group of local French churches established a human trafficking non-profit organization to help reach out to girls in Lyon.

We know that God has been working in our lives through so many different ways to prepare us for THIS time in THIS city!

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