February 27, 2012

Proud Parent Moment...

Not the best quality image... sorry! :)

Bailey & Spencer sang last night at NorthWood High School's Winter Concert.  They are both in the concert choir and in vocal jazz (an acapella choir).

Thought you may enjoy listening to one of the best songs of the night (from a proud parent's perspective) when Spencer and Trent Sauceda the solo parts, along with the combined choir, in "Walk in Jerusalem".

Thanks, Jeff Cramer, for your amazing leadership of the choral program at NorthWood High School.  Thanks also to Jeanne Focht for all the work you do behind the scenes for the music programs and for your great accompaniment of the choirs.

Both Bailey & Spencer are also enjoying their involvement in the upcoming musical, "Footloose".  We can't wait to hear Bailey sing her solo in the opening number!  We'll try to capture another video to share...

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