November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving... A Time to Give Thanks!

Many of our friends have been posting one thing they’re thankful for each day of November on Facebook. We didn’t follow suit, but thought this may be a great time to share our 30 Days of Thanksgiving

(If you've already read this list from our eNews, please scroll to the bottom and read about God's bonus blessings that happened this week!)

We are thankful for…

1.       God’s many blessings on our lives

2.       God’s healing touch on both Steve and Chris over the years

3.       Our parents, who faithfully loved us, cared for us, and supported us in so many ways throughout the years

4.       The many people who prayed for, supported and influenced Steve as a young teen, helping shape his love for music & serving God through music

5.       One Mission Society (formerly called OMS International) – where Chris served her first years as a missionary in their headquarters & then for a few months in Taiwan

6.       Azusa Pacific University – the place where Steve & Chris met and fell in love

7.       20 amazing years together (as of this past August 3rd) as a couple – and looking forward to many more

8.       Our beautiful children – Morgan, Bailey, Spencer & Easton – who are such fun, smart, talented, and full of love for others and for God

9.       The wonderful friends we’ve made and grown to love while serving in various churches in California and Indiana over the past 20 years

10.   The home we’ve had the privilege of living in for the past 13 years

11.   Close friendships that have grown through the years between our kids and their Indiana cousins

12.   An awesome public school, Wa-Nee, that our kids have enjoyed attending over the years – great teachers and administration, wonderful friendships, and for many faith freedoms – encouragement by Christian teachers, Bible class available in elementary, prayers at school functions, freedom in music selections, ‘See You at the Pole’, and morning prayer times led by students

13.   4-H fun with our kids – gaining friendships, new skills, and enjoying great times at the fair each year

14.   Our work that provides for our needs as we continue to build our support team

15.   Safety each day while our family heads in three different directions for school and work

16.   God’s continued “touch” on our van to keep it running J

17.   Health for our family this summer and fall – and praying it continues through the winter

18.   Our two maltese dogs, spry cat, and tiny turtle that have been sharing our home – adding their own touch of love to our lives

19.   The Spirit’s urgings, closed doors, and direct leading to ReachGlobal and Lyon, France

20.   Our willingness to whatever-wherever-whenever

21.   The Lyon City Team – Mike & Caryn DiGena, Jonah & Amy Haddad – who are working in church plants, leading Bible studies, reaching out to their communities, and serving God faithfully each day

22.   The France Regional Leader, Jim Carlson and his wife, Kathy – for their years of service in Lyon and their guidance and support now as regional leaders to all three teams in France

23.   Our future teammates, Greg & Wende Whitus – thankful for God’s call on their lives

24.   Those at ReachGlobal who have and continue to help us in so many ways through this entire missionary candidate process

25.   Our amazing ministry partners who have faithfully been praying for us and giving toward our future ministry in France

26.   God’s amazing handiwork in the seasons, sunrises and sunsets

27.   God’s faithfulness – amazed and humbled at how He – for so many generations – has continued to shower His children with grace, mercy, love, and forgiveness

28.   Lessons learned each day that are drawing us closer to Jesus

29.   God’s plans and His timing in our lives

30.   YOU – thank you for reading this, praying for us, and loving us each step of the way!!!

And sing, sing your hearts out to God! Let every detail in your lives—words, actions, whatever—be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way.”

Colossians 3:15b (The Message)

We need to add an extra bit of praise to God for a few more blessings that occurred this week -

  • God blessed us on Sunday with meeting a new couple who "knew of us" from a previous church ministry, knew God would call us back into ministry some day, heard about our plans for France, and asked how they could begin giving to this ministry. Wow! God is so good! He is adding to our team with people we just met.
  • God blessed us with an opportunity to allow Steve more time in his work week to spend building our ministry partner team! We prayed, asked boldly, and were blessed beyond what we deserve! Again, God is so good!

So, as we head into this Thanksgiving holiday, we have much to be thankful for and are praising God for all He has done for us and continues to do in our midst as we give it all to Him!

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