June 8, 2011

June Days for the Dahlgren Clan

Our June schedule, already eight days into it, is filling up quickly… prayers would be appreciated for our family as we tackle the delicate balancing act of work, family time, support team building and kids’ schedules.  Here is a rundown of what’s on the horizon:

·         June 5 – We had the pleasure of hosting many friends & family for Morgan’s graduation open house… it was like a family reunion/church friends’ get-together/kid bash all rolled into one.  Thanks to everyone who supported & prayed for Morgan and our family over the past 18 years - You are a true blessing!

·         June 15 (thru July 16) - Morgan leaves with a team from Adventures in Missions (AIM) for one month in Thailand ministering to the women caught up in human trafficking.

o   Pray for safety, amazing ministry opportunities, and that God’s love would be evident in & through them as they reach out in love to these young girls.

·         June 27 (thru July 2) – Bailey & Spencer will be heading to Chicago with other Nappanee Missionary Church youth to serve & learn about missions through the ChicaGO/SEMP program.

o   Pray for safety & God’s special working in & through their lives!

·         Easton finished up his spring soccer games while beginning his baseball league games.  He loves sports and has great fun playing all of them.

o   Pray for God’s protection during each game.

·         4-H projects for all four kids need to be completed; Bailey, Spencer & Easton will be working with their sheep to prepare them for show day in July.  Bailey is completing her ceramics project.  Morgan is completing her salon print project before leaving next week.

o   Pray for healthy sheep. (We’ve had 3 out of 8 sheep die in the past 2 years due to various crazy health issues… we need God’s protection on those little baa-baa’s!)  Also, that they would continue to learn responsibility, faithfulness and patience through the completion of these projects.

·         Steve and Chris will be taking an online class, Intentional Living, for continued training with ReachGlobal throughout the month and into the first week of July.

o   Pray we find quality time to study & learn about living intentionally in every part of our lives.

·         Steve and Chris are meeting one-on-one with families and churches to share more details about the ministry they will be involved with in Lyon.

o   Pray for quality time with many people.  Pray also that we will have the time needed to schedule these meetings while working full-time and supporting our kids’ activities.

Thanks, in advance, for all your prayers!  We know…

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Matthew 19:26 (NIV)

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  1. SO excited to hear more about Morgan's trip! That is just awesome.