June 25, 2011

Did you know?

  • French is spoken officially in 33 countries; second only to English, which is spoken officially in 45 countries
  • France is geographically the largest country in Western Europe
  • France’s total population is 62.5 million; 32.5 million French people
  • 101 different people groups live in France
  • 77% of the people groups are either unreached, least reached or nominally reached
  • 78% of the population lives in urban settings
  • Lyon is the 2nd largest city in France, behind Paris.  1.8 million in metropolitan area; 1.5 million in the urban area; 500,000 in the city of Lyon
  • France is a post-Christian, post-modern society
  • Islam is growing in France, now over nine million
  • Catholicism has been declining for decades; many Catholic churches are now simply boarded up
  • Many French will say they are both Catholic and Atheist
  • There are only 0.2% Evangelical Christians in Lyon
  • Less than 10% of the people own a Bible and 80% have never even handled one

Despite this challenging environment, missionaries have made a difference in France.  The number of evangelical churches has doubled over the last thirty years.  Pray with us for many in Lyon who are lost… that their hearts are softened, minds are open, and lives– with Christ’s saving work – will be transformed!

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